The best kept secret in Northwestern Ontario

Perch Lake Lodge Photo Gallery


Browse through our collection of images gathered over the years.  We'd like to add your photo's too!  Please email any photo submissions to Perch Lake Lodge.

Jim Kuhlmann Group Dan Stalbaum's Catch William and Deb Recker Steve Gass  - Northern 06-2102 Group fishing North Peer Dock View Howard's group caught the Crappies Dave Fonteyn and Brenda Borash Nice Catch Tom Marr and Stalbaum Party Fishing Fishing Family Fishing Dave Cook & nice Northern Nice Walleye Andy Zander Randall Dan Stalbaum's Catch Mike Edwards Terry Smith Fishing Group 2010 Sharon Edwards Joe\'s 4 lb smallmouth - eye river fishing Andy's Big Northern - Gord Lewis -pike 42\ Bridget and her large walleye Bridget Barrera's Big Northern 2003 Jim Kuhlmann Group Rich and nice smallie Sept.2011 Father & Daughter Fishing Donna got the biggest one ever Nice Smallie Andy Mike Edwards and Wife Lake Fishing Bev Burke &  huge northern pike Dave Vanderwall Group Staus Jeff  - 19\ Andrew Borash Davis Group Great fishing views Perry\'s Catch Eva Burke - Northern Pike Jim Kuhlmann Group Randall Group-1 Doyle\'s twin smallmouth bass mount Dickenson\'s & Edwards - long time guests Nice smallie Crappie Kevin Kestor Group Rick Karl Group Fishing Jim Kuhlmann Group Shore Lunch Matt Burma Group Northern Pike Eva & Christopher - nice walleye catch 7-2012 Nice Catch Joel Green/Ron Haraldson Nick and Debbie Zime Brenda Borash Fish Jim Kuhlmann Group Larry Pyatt - Pike 06-2012 Dan Houk Fishing Group Fishing Fishing Kerry Cook & nice Northern 07-2012 Randall Group Dave Fonteyn and Andrew Borash Catching Fish John and Justi Hirsch Fishing Shore Lunch Small mouth bass - Tammy Fishing Leon\'s Big Northern Shore lunch Nice Smallmouth catch Stella and Staus Kevin\'s Big Northern Dave Fonteyn Dave's 48 inch Northern Jim Kuhlmann Group Smallmouth Bass Terry, is that a fish in those weeds??? Stella Fonteyn and Brenda Borash